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How To Grow Your Coaching Business With Online Events

A FREE Live Online Workshop So You Can Learn The Secrets To Getting Clients FAST and Consistently... Using My Proven 'Clients From Events' Formula

Brought To You By 'Amplify Your Impact' Founder, Kat Millar

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At This Powerful Online Workshop You Will Discover:

How To Create A High-Converting Event Presentation

Learn how to craft an event presentation that...

* builds desire

* establishes your credibility and trust,

* elegantly dissolves objections

* provides massive value

* inspires the right people to work with you.

How To Market Your Events So That The Right People Come

Receive my secret methods to getting the right people to register and show up, so you can get an engaged audience of qualified leads at your events every time, even if you find marketing confusing (or don't have a big following!)

How To Deliver A

High-Value, Engaging Online Event

Discover how to deliver an event in a way that WOWS your audience with value, keeps people engaged, creates deep connection, and elegantly extends an invitation to your offer so that the right people say yes.

Brought To You By 'Amplify Your Influence' Founder, Kat Millar

As Seen In...

Is this you?

You want to serve more people and make more money, but you’re limited by the amount of hours and energy you have in a day.

You're busy, yet you know you have the potential to help more people.

You like the idea of leveraging your time by enrolling multiple clients at once.

The best way to do this is by running online events.

You get to bring a community together, share about what you love, and showcase your expertise.

The number of people you can help is virtually limitless.

And so is your income-earning potential.

The best part is you don't need to be a perfectly polished speaker or be skilled in technology, presentations or marketing to do this.

In fact, you can easily run an online event from your home, sharing your knowledge in a way that's simple, doable and enjoyable.

You just need a formula to follow to make it work.

So if you're the kind of person who values connection, and providing massive value, while signing amazing clients into your coaching business... events are THE way to go, and at this workshop you're going to learn exactly how to do it.

Before I discovered how to do this, I was spending waaaay too much time on marketing and spinning my wheels.

Once I started running online events, everything changed for me.

I've now run over 450 events, refining each one to get clearer and clearer on what works, testing and measuring the best ways to make them successful.

And I've packaged the process into an easy-to-follow process that I now teach others.

I’ll show you how to create, host, and monetise your own online event, without stress or overwhelm.

(even if the idea feels daunting or you're not techy!)

The system I will teach you is the SAME formula I use to be able to...

  • Position myself as an expert in my niche
  • Consistently sell out my programs
  • Build a 6-figure business as a full-time Coach, working with clients I LOVE!

So many people who learn the formula say "I can't believe I didn't do this sooner!"

And they've gone on to grow their business in a fun, and meaningful way.

They love that they can serve many people at a time, make a significant impact and scale their business fast.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • The 'Clients From Events' Formula

Come behind the scenes and see exactly how to create highly effective workshops that get you clients FAST and consistently, while you get to enjoy sharing about what you love.

  • How To Turn A Free Event Into Regular Cashflow

How to use free events to leverage your time, and reach your financial goals and dream lifestyle.

  • The Event Promotion Wheel

A proven step-by-step process to launch your workshop right the first time, with a step-by-step method to make it smooth, streamlined + simple & EFFECTIVE.

  • Attract Your Ideal Audience

Discover how to get the right people registering with ease, and avoid the dreaded "What if no-one shows??" with this simple, highly-effective 24/7 automated marketing machine.

  • How To Design An Engaging Event Presentation

Learn how to craft your presentation in a way that builds desire and trust, rapidly dissolves objections, and establishes your authority, connection and credibility.

  • How To Show Up With Rock-Solid Confidence

Learn the secrets to moving from feeling nervous to having CONFIDENCE from start to finish, even if you're new to presenting.

  • The BIGGEST Mistakes Coaches Make With Online Events

Discover the most critical traps coaches fall into that make that make their presentations amateur, and EXACTLY how to avoid them.

  • Fun Activities, Planning & Breakout Sessions

Engage in helpful conversations, have meaningful connections with other like-minded women, and also ask me your questions. You'll walk away with a clear action plan so you know exactly what to do next.

"One of the best workshops I've ever attended. Loved the systems and tips. Really grateful to be part of it."

– Oksana Rama, Coach for Professional Women

"I loved the clear and simple system on how to get clients that stops the overwhelm and confusion. You can't help but feel empowered and inspired to take massive action"

– Natascha Op de Hipt, Marketing & Mindset Coach

"Kat helped me successfully launch 3 online programs that have bought in over $25,000. It keeps making money and helping people, which is the main thing for me"

- Gaynor Van Der Burton, Director: Fit-Fish

This system will show you how to create an asset that gives you clients on repeat, RELIABLY

Find out how Female Coaches just like you are using online events rapidly growing their business, using a proven, step-by-step formula

And the best part? This value-packed LIVE Event is on me :-)

I previously offered this valuable content only to my private clients, and now I've decided to offer it at this workshop for FREE, so you too can use these powerful tools in your business!

"Kat's processes, strategy and support has totally transformed my business and me as a business owner...take the guesswork out and know there's someone in your corner supporting you every step of the way"

- Jessica Lee, Owner: The Spark Effect

“Interactive, comprehensive and fun! I wanted to further define my niche, know how to approach them and convert leads into clients. I managed to achieve all this in one day with Kat"

– Sandra Rheinbay, Coach

“It exceeded my expectations. Kat brings such energy and shares her wisdom in such an enjoyable, fun, learning environment"

– Deborah Dissanayake, Emotions Coach

When you know how to deliver effective online events...

* You position yourself as the expert, go-to person in your ideal client's mind

* You build deeper relationships with people who love what you're sharing

* People choose you over other options because they have massive trust in you

* You can sell out your offers & get booked out fast

* You start to attract and sign up ongoing, quality clients on 'repeat'.

"I would really recommend Kat's teachings if you're looking to increase your ability to communicate with your audience from a place of power and to have genuine influence."

– Jane Turner, Coach for Authors

"I would definitely recommend attending. She's professional, very informative, friendly, and very helpful. The content was gold. So many things I can take action on immediately that will make a difference to my business."

– Shan Withnell, Mindset Coach

The ability to run online events is not reserved for the 'special few' who are born with natural talent.

It's a skill that anyone can learn and master.

"Before I learned Kat's formula, I would get around 50% conversion rate on selling my packages. Now I am averaging an 80% conversion rate and have gone from making $800 per week to $4,000 per week! It’s amazing, and it was much easier than I thought”

- Aimee Hartog Campos, Director: Latin Dance Australia

Why This Is Profoundly Different To Other Free Events You Have Attended...

  • ​​​It's PACKED with Valuable, Tangible Tools & Strategies You Can Apply Straight Away to create FAST and lasting changes. It is NOT a pitch-fest. It offers tried-and-tested techniques that WORK and ENDS the confusion.
  • ​​It's About Action: It's not about just sitting and listening. Throughout the day, you'll start implementing what you're learning. You’ll be guided through the clear steps you need to create your own workshop plan, and walk away with key takeaways and clear actionable steps.
  • It's Designed Specifically For Women: As women, most of us process and absorb information differently to most men. We typically need more time to express and connect over what we're hearing to bring it to life for us. This workshop includes plenty of time to connect, ask questions, and discuss what you're learning, so you retain it better.
  • Access To A Wealth Of Experience: It's Being Presented By 'Amplify Your Impact' Expert Kat Millar, who has 20 years of experience in business and has helped completely transform the businesses and lives of thousands of individuals.
  • It's A Personal & Intimate Environment: This workshop has limited spaces to create a more personal and intimate learning environment. This more effectively maximises your learning experience and allows for a tailored approach, and more of your specific questions to be answered.

At the end of this day, you'll walk away with an actionable plan for how to get booked with quality coaching clients, fast, predictably and consistently

Check out what others say...

Enjoy an engaging, interactive, enjoyable day with expert teaching and connection with like-minded women

“It was very practical and engaging, I was captivated. Great tools that I can use right now for results. Inspirational and practical – this is hard to do but Kat nailed it!!!"

– Susie Smith, Social Ecologist, Artist and Educator

"I liked everything about the workshop! Kat is an excellent teacher and facilitator.The atmosphere = Excellent!"- Eva Leparakuo, Inner Healing and Leadership Coach

Kat has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches & business owners and run 450+ events...

As seen in...

Productivity... GUARANTEED

You'll pick up the most powerful secrets you can use straight away AND you'll be implementing & taking action on your own action plan on the day!

Powerful Online


Take away the most effective client attraction strategies, to help you simply, authentically, and enjoyably sign up clients - even if you feel you're not great at sales and marketing!

More Life, Less Work

Everything you'll learn is designed to help you build a lifestyle-friendly & profitable business on your own terms -the main reason we have our own business...right?! :-)

Like Zoom and Spotify, we use a "Freemium" marketing method. We deliver great value for FREE and a small % of people decide to learn more about our premium, paid programs which makes it a win-win for everyone 😊 It's NOT free because it isn't packed with immediately useful content. I'll share everything I can with you in the timeframe to help you. If you want to accelerate the journey by working together, I'll share with you how to do that. But don't worry, this event is NOT a pitch-fest or one where I hold back on value because it's free. I can't help everyone 1-on-1 so this is my way of helping more people because it's something I believe in and know it can make a difference in your business :-)

An agenda is sent to you after you register. We'll have a number of breaks in-between each session so you can stretch and grab snacks as you need to. You will also be networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs with our interactive breakout sessions and activities, so you can enjoy connection, community and implementation time.

You'll discover simple strategies that anyone can use to get results, even if you find marketing confusing or hard. You'll get an easy-to-follow formula that shows you how to get results regardless of your experience.

This event is a full day because I want to provide you with as much value as possible. You can attend part of the workshop if you like. But more than likely, you will feel inspired to stay for the whole day!

This is a smaller, more personal event so that I'm able to tailor the content. Even though it's an online event, the numbers are strictly limited to allow me to answer your questions and help you succeed.

This event will give you greater clarity and the tools you can use to grow your business, no matter what stage you're at. You don't have to have everything in place for it to be hugely valuable.

Yes! You'll get the must-have tools that entrepreneurs just like you are using right now to sell more of their services online and create significant breakthroughs in their business (even after they've 'tried everything'). The proven strategies get incredible results.They are presented in a way that are simple to understand, apply and take immediate action on, no matter where you're at in your journey.

"I have an abundance of clients by following Kat's formula. It's absolutely mind-blowing. It was such an easy ready-for-you system that is so easy to follow and packed in value!"- Ela Staniak, Feminine Leadership Coach

Ditch endless hours of work that gives you little results...

& get a clear strategy to simply & rapidly have more time flexibility & freedom!


Kat Millar is a Business Coach, Trainer and Founder of 'Amplify Your Impact', mentoring female coaches, entrepreneurs and service providers to attract more ideal clients consistently without bro marketing, complex tactics or pushy sales techniques.

Kat has run multiple businesses over 2 decades, in 3 countries, delivered 6,000+ coaching sessions, and 450+ events. She has a wealth of experience helping people grow their businesses fast, enjoyably and sustainably.

She was chosen by Yahoo Finance! as one of the 10 Best Female Business Coaches in 2021.

Kat has featured in a number of magazines and spoken at the International Convention Centre, Latin Dance Australia, E&Y and Shine Women, to name a few.

She's passionate about helping women grow a meaningful business they love, and use their gifts to grow an impactful and meaningful business they love.





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